mindful magic.

Today I painted my room. It’s a light green, but greener than pictured here. Green has always been my favorite color. It was the color of my first high school prom dress. It’s the color of my mother’s eyes. It’s the color of healing, renewal, the heart chakra & the earth. On a not so deep level, it’s also the color of money, and I happen to like that too. Sue me.

As you can tell by the paint in my hair (try not to judge my skills too harshly), the last thing I am when it comes to DIY projects is neat. I get messy, all wrapped up in it and often, never finish. Actually, most times it’s a miracle I even start. Which gets me to today’s topic: purpose.

What is your purpose? Now, I don’t mean philosophically in terms of humanity & our existence as a whole, so don’t panic. What I mean is what is your purpose in reading this? How is this serving you? Are you in the moment? Or did you just click a link because you’ve been browsing your Facebook feed for hours on and off looking for something new and BAM! I’ve got it for you.

All I’m saying is, do things and actively think about them when you’re doing them. It’s the most basic principle of mindfulness. It sounds so simple, but how many times a day are you on autopilot? Going through the motions. Maybe if you thought more about what you were doing, you’d be more inclined to do things that bring you joy. Maybe you’d realize you are already doing things every day that bring you joy, you just haven’t taken the time to acknowledge that and be grateful for it.

“Breathing in, I know that I am breathing in.”
Thich Nhat Hanh
Vietnamese Buddhist monk & zen master

Imagine, acknowledging something as simple as breathing. If that’s too heady for you, how about cooking your breakfast? “Frying eggs, I know that I am frying eggs.” Silly right?! Or does that one simple sentence lead to more?

I’m frying eggs because I have a roof over my head with a kitchen that I share with wonderful roommates, who encourage me, help me, accept me and love me. I have this food to eat because I paid for it by working a job that I love and fills me with a sense of freedom I didn’t know I’d ever be lucky enough to even taste. I’m going to eat these eggs to fuel my body. My body, who I have used and abused for so long. My body, who I always manage to find some fault with, even though it always comes through for me. Maybe I should be kinder to it, and be smarter about who I let near it. For all of these thoughts, I am grateful. And for all of these things, I am blessed.

See how easy it was to snowball into that?! And you thought frying eggs was no big deal.

I encourage you to use mindful magic to transform your everyday life. It’s certainly transforming mine. If you need inspiration or energy to transform, the planet Pluto stationed direct today. Pluto is the planet of transformation, intensity. It rules Scorpio who rules the 8th house which rules death, sex, taxes & the metaphysical. Scorpios who are always tearing everything down just to build it back up again because they are so full of that transformational Plutonian energy. I encourage you to harness this.

You don’t like it, darling? Demolish it. Build anew with purpose and see it through.

2 thoughts on “mindful magic.

  1. A great post. Love the paint color. One of my biggest issues in being mindful is being patient and present.
    I want it all now! Tranquility, self actualization, life’s work. Now please!
    Hopefully in practicing mindfulness, patience and presence will come in turn.
    I look forward to your future posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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